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The Studio

In 1992, Miss Michaela Lynch debuted Dance Arts Project at Harbor Bay Club in Alameda. In that first year, the school had one teacher and an enrollment of 50 dancers. With those 50 students, in July 1993, Dance Arts Project had its grand opening on Chestnut Street, where it still operates today.


Dance Arts Project has always offered ballet, children’s creative movement and modern dance. Recently, we’ve added classes in ballroom dance.


In 2002, Dance Arts Project expanded its facility to include a second studio, Deux.


Today, Dance Arts Project has five teachers working with hundreds of dancers every day, inspiring and encouraging self-esteem, creativity and the love of dance.

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the studio

Life  isn't about waiting for the storm to's learning to Dance in the Rain

Meet the Staff


Michaela Lynch



Erin Yarborough

Advanced Ballet

Aidan DeYoung headshot (1).jpg

Aidan DeYoung

Advanced Ballet

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Advanced Ballet


Lower Division

Eva Faizi

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Advanced Ballet


Lower Division

Marina Bradley

Dress Code

Dress Code

Dance Arts Project’s dress code is liberal, but there is a dress code.

Ages 4-7:   Dancewear, such as a leotard, tights or socks, and a skirt, not play clothes. Each dancer                                should have real ballet slippers. Hair should be in a ponytail or pulled away from the                                      students' face.

Ages 8-11: Dancewear should include a leotard and tights. Skirts and dance shorts are optional. Ballet                          slippers are worn for both Modern and Ballet class. Hair should be worn in a bun for Ballet                          class. All students will learn to do a ballet bun in Level 1. Hair should be in ponytail or pulled                      away from the face for Modern.   

Ages 12+:  A leotard and tights are required for class. Skirts and dance shorts are optional. Hair should                        be worn in a bun for Ballet class. Hair should be in ponytail or pulled away from the face for                        Modern. 

A bun is mandatory for ballet class for ages eight and up. There is a special way that ballet dancers do their buns, and all ballet students will learn this skill in Level 1! Dancers must bring their own hairbrush, hairbands, and hairpins to every ballet class.

For dancers ages 12 and up: See above. Leotards should be worn alone– please no baggy clothes, visible underwear, or excessive jewelry. Tights should be pink, worn underneath the leotard, and free from rips and tears. Black tights can occasionally be worn outside of the leotard, but should not be worn routinely. Leotards and tights should be washed after each use, and use of deodorant is encouraged. Dancers should take great care of their appearance for class and be proud of how they present themselves in class!

You are Stronger than you seem, Braver than you believe, and Smarter than you think you are

Other Policies

Respect each other, the teachers, and yourselves. Dance Arts Project is a non-competitive dance school where we encourage and respect each other. Any kind of bullying or disrespect will be addressed. Disrespectful behavior can result in a student being dismissed from the school.

Phone Policy: Phones should be silent and left in your dance bag during class. We encourage students to make friends with the dancers around them while in the studio. Please no filming or taking pictures in class without permission.

Parking: Dance Arts Project wants to continue being good neighbors! Please be aware that there should be no double-parking and blocking driveways both before and after class.

Chestnut Encinal Market: Students ages 12 and up are allowed to go to the store, if they use the crosswalk and dress appropriately. Please know that there have been a couple of incidences of shoplifting over the years. There are cameras throughout the store; if students are caught shoplifting, both their parents and Miss Michaela will be informed.

Operation Manual
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