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The Big Show

The Big Show

Every year, we have a dance recital in June for the whole dancing school. The 2023 Big Show will be on Saturday, June 10th at Chabot College's Performing Arts Center. Every class is a dance in the show. The Big Show is a source of excitement and creativity for our dance family, as well as a chance to demonstrate our growth and passion.  

Parents are responsible for the cost of their student’s costume, tickets, and recital fee, when applicable. Students do not have to participate in the show, but teachers must be informed of a student not participating by February 1st. 

In the event that a student cannot participate in the show, they can still participate in class as a “stunt dancer”! Learning the choreography from many vantage points by taking the place of an absent student is extremely beneficial for both the student and the class.

Dancers ages 12 and up are required to participate in Tech Week, which takes place in the studio the four days before Dress Rehearsal. Tech Week attendance is required to participate in show.














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