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Dance Arts Project’s program runs similarly to the school-year schedule– classes begin in September and run through June. We offer dance camps during the summer, as opposed to regular classes. The studio is closed for the entire month of August.

Regular attendance helps each dancer progress. Inevitably, dancers must miss a class, but we encourage each dancer to “make-up” their missed classes in a class of the same level or lower. Too many missed classes following February 1st can affect show participation.

The most crucial time for attendance is the three months prior to the show. If a student misses more than one or two classes in this time frame, or misses several consecutive classes (especially in Level 3 and up), this can negatively affect the timing and spacing of each dance, which can be incredibly frustrating for other dancers in the class. If you miss more classes than is approved by the director, you will be excused from participating in the performance.

Once a student has progressed to pointe, per the teachers’ recommendation, it is advised that they wear their pointe shoes in every ballet class following their first year en pointe. Attendance will be taken with special consideration that each dancer wears their pointe shoes for each class. Too many classes taken in flat shoes will result in a student losing their pointe shoes.


Timeliness is extremely important! Students should arrive in enough time before the start of each class to prepare for class.

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