Placement in Curriculum


The Dance Arts Project staff and Director determine placement in classes by assessment of the student's ability and development. Placement recommendations are neither given lightly nor with disregard for the student as a whole. Age is a guideline for class placement but not the only determining factor; dedication, loyalty, performance in class and attitulde of both students and parents are equally crucial. Additionally, hard work, achievemnt and attendance play important roles. Visitors during class time are not encouraged, as it is disruptive to the learning process. There are visiting days scheduled twice during the year. New students, please consult with the Director for correct placement prior to starting a class.


Dress Code


Dance Arts Project enjoys a more liberal dress code than pre-professional dance schools, however, there are some general guidelines to consider. Students shoud dress in dance appropriate clothing that allows for freedom of movement, like leotards, tights, skirts above the student's knee. Whenever possible, a student's hair should be pulled back away from their face. A bun is mandatory for ballet class. Pink ballet slippers for girls, black for boys. Extreme costume-like clothing (sequins, marabou, crowns) is never appropriate, as it is distracting in class to the students and the staff.